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"For the last 13 years Japanese photographer Miyoko Ihara has been taking pictures of her grandma, Misao, to commemorate her life. 9 years ago, 88-year-old Misao found a stray odd-eyed cat in her shed: she called it Fukumaru, hoping that “the god of fuku (good fortune) would come and everything will be smoothed over like maru (circle).” Miyoko has been photographing their beautiful friendship and the way they go about their daily routine ever since.”

Miyoko Ihara


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This is probably the only way I can get this point across. 

Alright. As a pin up model I’m incredibly in love with my body, and post naked pictures quite often. However, the middle image is no different then either photo shoot picture in this post.

Now a lot of people have sat here tonight telling me that it’s a sexual image because i’m naked and therefore I should understand I get rude comments and it’s expected of that. However, fuck that. There was nothing sexual of this image, nor of the other oringinally posted with it.

Everyone is born naked so I’m literally just prancing around the same way I looked when i was born. Even though I had my hand on my lady parts in the other picture, it still wasn’t sexual. I was merely covering myself because despite showing my boobs or bum, I don’t want my lady bits on the web. Those are for private eyes only.

Yet, I also get sexual comments on not only my nude pictures, when it’s just being me happy and chub life, but my photo shoot pictures as well. When there is NOTHING SEXUAL ABOUT THOSE EITHER. So it doesn’t matter really, people seem to think it’s alright for them to send me dirty nasty messages, or reblog my pictures saying crude things.

Now i’m not a prude I adore sex. But, there are such a thing as manners. When someone’s not being sexual at all in their pictures, and politely asking gents not to be so crude towards her that’s okay. It’s my blog and I can ask that of people who follow me. But to sit here and say I’m in the wrong is not alright. It’s not alright for men to sit here harassing me with dirty messages after I asked them to stop politely, or to reblog my own personal text posts with nasty things. Is it also alright when I post about being depressed and they express how their dick can cheer me up? No. It’s not.

That being said, if I ever post a picture touching myself and i mean my lady bits or being obviously sexual. Then why would I complain about the sexual comments? That I can see as a moment when I have no right to complain. But even then some manners in the case would be nice, don’t be incredibly crude and detailed in your post please.

There is a difference in a sexual and non sexual body. I’m being chubby and nakie in my pictures, covering my lady bits. Not asking men and women alike to come onto me with mannerless pictures and having no sense about things. If that makes me a bitch or full of attitude then so be it. I don’t care.

My body isn’t your little play toy. I’ve gotten sexual comments on photo shoot pictures, nakie time, and on personal posts. IT IS NOT OKAY. None of that above is sexual. I deserve to be treated with class regardless of what clothes I have on. And even if my picture turns sexual, I still deserve to be treated with manners and respect.

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